So, when are you going to have kids? (a casual interrogation)

For my Master’s Degree, I created a book exploring the complicated answers to the question ‘So, when are you going to have kids?’. This line of enquiry highlights a socially awkward contradiction – it is a deeply personal question that for some reason is so often is asked during small talk, or to complete strangers. Using the format of a children’s pop-up picture book, I employed toy-themed metaphors to delve in to the gulf between people’s expectations of fertility and the often difficult reality.

Since exhibiting the book at our Masters degree show and publishing the book on issuu, I have been asked to speak about the book and my process at Fertility Fest 2018 and was also interviewed by Natalie Silverman for The Fertility Podcast. The positive feedback I’ve received from people who have personal experience of these issues has been really rewarding.

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