Women of Wilton’s

In the East End of London stands Wilton’s Music Hall, a remarkable example of Victorian grandiose and a thriving twenty-first century performance space.

As a part of The Storybox Collective, I had access to Wilton’s archive and created this large format post celebrating the magnificent women of Wilton’s. The group portrait of women from Wilton’s long and interesting history, centres around the faceless figure of Ellen Wilton. Ellen, the wife of founder John Wilton, was an important part of Wilton’s early development and a successful entrepreneur in her own right throughout her life. Despite this success and influence, no surviving photograph of Ellen remains and so I created this piece to commemorate her contribution to the hall. Rather than imagining what she may have looked like, I have used a reflective surface on her face to allow people to see a little of themselves in her strength and dignity.

The group exhibition, ‘The Storybox Collective: Tales of Absence, ‘What ifs’ and Salvation’ was on display at Wilton’s Music Hall throughout November 2017 and featured in Time Out’s Top Ten things to do and in this article (see link in details).

ProjectTBCMediaPen and ink, digital colourYear2017Linkwww.timeout.com